Light Noise was (and still is) a rebellion against the generic wedding film. It’s being the quiet observer, noticing the bigs things and small moments you didn’t even realise happened. It’s telling your story through creative editing and unconventional song choices.

It’s just us, doing our thing, and loving what we’re doing.  



Hi! I’m Brooke, the Light Noise Films editor!

I wear a few hats each day, including; dog walker (to our two pugs Meg & Rosie), permaculture nerd, Japanese food fan, video editor, videographer, wife to Bree and Mother to our cheeky son Ren.

I love piecing together footage to make stories unfold in curious and interesting ways, to create unique and stylish films you’ll want to watch for many years to come. I also try to break as many ‘rules’ as possible along the way (because who wants a plain old film? No me neither..), and stay true to the vibe that made your day truly ‘yours’.


Hey there, I’m Bree and Light Noise is one of my babies. 

I’m one of the videographers, the organiser, the accounts person and I’m the one you’ll email and chat with. (and if you’re interested to know; if I’m not working you may find me blaring PJ Harvey, The Jezabels, Fever Ray, Mazzy Star or the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, dancing in the kitchen and chasing our toddler Ren around the place) 

I started Light Noise Films in 2013.  After already working in the industry for 4 years, I was getting bored of seeing and making the same old wedding film and wanted to create something unique.  

It wasn’t long before I trained Brooke (my now wife, Yay!) and we hit the ground running. Fast forward a few years and the wonderful and creative Rach is on board filming too. 


Hey I’m Rachel, one of the Light Noise Films videographers!

I’ve worked in the video and photographic industries for more than 8 years and I love to capture the natural and candid moments that others might miss. I always aim to be as unobtrusive as possible and pay particular attention to the details that make your day wonderful.

When I'm not immersed in videography, I like listening to podcasts, exploring nature, watching documentaries, and going on road-trip adventures in my trusty steed, a Mazda named Bradley.

Brooke & Bree are based near Hobart in Tasmania, and Rach is based in Newcastle NSW, yet we travel Australia wide and internationally.