PRICING • The Light Noise Short Film


Instead of long uncut videos, we produce highly edited, unique short films that encapsulate your day.

The Light Noise Short Film is what you’ve seen on our website.

They are a wrap-up of the day, bundled into a bite sized package that is easy to share around with your friends and family.


One Videographer (Brooke or Bree)

Up to 10 Hours coverage

Music licensing fee

Light Noise Short Film (3-5 Minutes)

Delivered to you on a custom USB

What’s involved in us creating the film?

Bree or Brooke will be there with you on the day, shooting with DSLR cameras and a range of professional lenses. After the wedding, we sort through your footage and get a feel for the day. We then trawl our music licensing resources and find a few tunes we feel will match you and your wedding, send them directly to you so you can have the final say in what song we use. Once we have a confirmed song, the editing (and coffee brewing) begins, followed by more editing, re-cuts, slight adjustments, a few creative disagreements, more coffee, more editing and then last touches and final critiquing.

Nothing leaves our studio without being perfect in our own Light Noise way.

If you like what you see, and would love to say hi and find out about our availability, head over to our HELLO page.