F.A.Q • you might be wondering...

So, what exactly do you guys do?

Well, in short, we are creatives who enjoy making things. Especially things that are a little different or quirky.

What gear do you use?

We shoot using professional Canon DSLR’s and a variety of sweet lenses.

Where are you based? Do you Travel?

Currently about 2.5 hours North of Sydney

Yes, we love to Travel!  Get in touch and let us know where your wedding’s taking place. If it’s more than a 2 hour drive from us, there may be a small travel fee to cover accommodation.

Can we meet you?

We’d love to meet you and have a chat! Whats your favorite cafe? If you’re busy/long-distance we also do a lot of Skype/Facetime Dates!

Ok now how do we book our date?

We take a 20% deposit to secure your date.

Who picks the music?

For your highlight to be online and public, we need to license the music. After your wedding, we go through the footage and get a feel for the day. Then we search and search and search all our resources to find some tunes we think will suit, email them through to you, and then you let us know which song you love the most. Music is one of the most important components of our films, so this process may be a little time consuming, but it is totally worth it to make sure we can create something you love and that still sits within the “Light Noise” style.

Is the Raw (unedited) footage included?

No. We don’t include (or offer) the raw footage for many reasons. Our creative style of filming and editing means the footage captured is mostly 5-15 second short clips from a bunch of different angles. There’s no camera continuously recording whole parts of the day. This kind of freedom allows us to move around capturing moments all over the place, rather than being restricted on a tripod and having to ask your mum to give you another hug because we missed it. 

Do you record audio from the day?

No. We don’t record audio as we personally prefer films with no voiceover from the ceremony or speeches. We’d rather let the footage speak for itself.